A Fully Operational Containerized Solution


When a disaster hits, time is one of the most precious commodities there are. Advanced planning is not always possible, so we built a fully portable solution that can be rapidly deployed right to the heart of the problem.


Ring Fenced Stock

Ready to deploy at any moment. Stock strategically placed around the globe to ensure rapid respons when its needed most.



Our parent company were established back in 2004 and have been selling to over 170 ountries for well over a decade. This wealth of expereince means our teams bring so much more than just technical excellence to our service.....They understand combustion and what its dangers & limitations are.

How clean air output is achieved

We use a combination of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and real-world testing during our R&D process. This allows us to accurately predict the flow of gases and more importantly, identify and fix any potential issues before dispatch. All our systems use low NOx burners as standard.

Our unique patent-pending approach to cremation means that you as a customer can expect years of trouble-free operation and a quick return on investment.


Cut-away view of Mobile Cremation unit
Triple Chamber, Hot Hearth Design

All smoke and emissions in the i8-MCU take a long journey through a labriynth of high grade refractorys passages and chambers, this allows secondary and tertiary thermal decompostion of the gases prior to them leaving through the exhaust stack.

Speak to our Experts

Designing an efficient cremation system is a complex operation. Here at Inciner8 we have spent many man-hours developing a reliable, quiet and efficient solution.


"Part of the brief was to ensure that this model was portable and could be re-located rapidly to where it was needed most. We had to create extra rigidity to ensure it's resistance to the stresses of being moved and housed in potentially volatile locations."

Technical Development Manager - Inciner8