Crematoriums for Remote Communities

Dignified, Affordable Crematorium Solutions

Suitable for

  • Indiginous Peoples
  • Independent Communities
  • Native American Tribal Communities
  • Aboriginal Communities
  • Isolated Towns & Villages
  • Autonomous Regions
  • Communes

When you live in a remote location, even some simple things are hard to come by. When it comes to big life events, you'd like to as a community be able to stay closed knit andbe able to carry this out yourselves. In many cases it is simply impossibly to obtain outside help. For a relatively smalal investment you can know there is a plan in place to allow this.

No more overnight journeys while you are still greiving, no concerns about health and safety - instead a humane and dignified solution in place meaning you can be close to those who matter at the time where it counts most.


All our portable cremation systems come with free installation and configuration. We also offer on-site support by our team of trained engineers to assist in getting the system performing as optimumly as possible with your chosen fuel type.

Our cremators can be connected to the grid or powered by diesel, kerosene or LPG gas.

Container size: HC 20ft
Total weight: Approximately 20 tonnes
Cycle time: 60 - 90 minutes
Temperature: up to 1600 °C

How clean air output is achieved

We use a combination of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and real-world testing during our R&D process. This allows us to accurately predict the flow of gases and more importantly, identify and fix any potential issues before dispatch. All our systems use low NOx burners as standard.

Our unique patent-pending approach to cremation means that you as a customer can expect years of trouble-free operation and a quick return on investment.


Cut-away view of Mobile Cremation unit
Triple Chamber, Hot Hearth Design

All smoke and emissions in the i8-MCU take a long journey through a labriynth of high grade refractorys passages and chambers, this allows secondary and tertiary thermal decompostion of the gases prior to them leaving through the exhaust stack.

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Designing an efficient cremation system is a complex operation. Here at Cremation Systems we have spent many man-hours developing a reliable, quiet and efficient solution.


"Part of the brief was to ensure that this model was portable and could be re-located rapidly to where it was needed most. We had to create extra rigidity to ensure it's resistance to the stresses of being moved and housed in potentially volatile locations."

Technical Development Manager - Cremation Systems